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How Are Relationships Valued at Your Church?

Most clients who take the Readiness 360 have work to do on their relationships. Learn what we are learning!

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Multiply Your Impact Book

Forget church growth! In the twenty-first century, it is multiply or dry up. Ministry must be multiplied. The game has to change. This new resource can be used by any church to reclaim the foundational multiplication DNA of the Jesus movement.

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Rabbit and the King

What does this parable have to do with your congregation? Have fun exploring what multiplication might mean for you and your church.

Measuring Readiness

What You Measure Matters

You can't cultivate a vital congregation simply by the numbers. Readiness 360 helps leaders to look deep within their congregations to address the issues that really drive vital, growing ministry and enable congregations to renew for the next generation.

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Multiply Your Impact

If your church made disciples who were more like rabbits than elephants, it would be much easier to gain momentum, commitment, vitality and fruit. Learn how the Readiness 360 can help.

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See Reports

What can your congregation learn about itself after taking the web-based survey? Learn about reports and ask us to send you a sample!

Readiness 360 will help any church…

Know Where To Start

As anyone who has gotten lost knows, you can’t get where you want to go without knowing where you are. Whether you want to start a new worship service, a new ministry site or even to revitalize an existing faith community, you have to know where your starting point is in order to create the plan to get you where you want to go.  The Readiness 360 report helps congregations gain shared, unprecedented insight as to where they are so that any new vision, goal or ministry becomes more achievable. With its ability to gain input from everyone in the congregation and then to synthesize it into a practical report, the Readiness 360 is a valuable tool for gaining broad agreement on where to start and providing ideas for next steps.

Get Unstuck.

The best plans in the world are of no use when your wagon is stuck in the mud. Likewise cutting edge ministry strategies or great ideas result in frustration if a church is stuck. Readiness 360 helps churches identify sticking points, get out of the mud, and strengthen their road-worthiness for the great journey God has in store! Congregations who are guided through a thorough debrief of their Readiness 360’s report discover affirmation and new energy for doing things differently. Instead of focusing on on what they don’t have or getting down on what they can’t do, congregations discover what they are uniquely positioned to do and how to better lean into their strengths.

Multiply Impact.

You don’t have to be big to multiply. You don’t have to want to grow to multiply. You do have to want to be like Jesus in order to multiply your kingdom impact and you may have to refocus on the basics in order to actually start multiplying. Readiness 360 does not focus on church growth, but rather on the idea of being faithful stewards; on being who we are, seeing what we have and doing what matters to God. If you deeply desire to make a meaningful difference in the world and in the lives of their children and neighbors for Christ, the Readiness 360 can help you focus your congregation on multiplying its kingdom impact by reclaiming Jesus-like multiplication DNA!

Change the Story.

Your church can get started immediately doing the right things for right now: things that position you to multiply your kingdom impact. No need to wait for a capital campaign or for a committee decision! Leadership is finally about helping a community change its story. It is about helping a people or an organization shift directions, sometimes in small but significant ways that produce enormous consequences over time. Readiness 360 is a tool for empowering church leaders to lead their churches toward life, toward renewal and toward a future that is befitting the Christian gospel and far-reaching across time. If you are interested in changing your story from church maintenance to Gospel movement, you may be interested in our newest book.