Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Readiness 360 Survey

Q: What is the Readiness 360?

A: A web-based tool used by people in your congregation and potential stakeholders to provide input about your church from their vantage point. The resulting report provides feedback to the leadership of your congregation about its current capacity to bear fruit and multiply. Some use this tool as a part of their discernment process about whether or not to be a church planting partner, others use it as a congregational development tool to reclaim more multiplication DNA of the Jesus movement. But this assessment is just one step in the process.

Q: Are my responses confidential?

A: Yes. The administrator can see an overview of who has taken the survey. This data will show name, role, age, gender, and length of time at church. This data is only shown so the administrator can make sure they are gathering an accurate representation of the congregation, and also a good number of responses. At no time can the names be linked to the responses. Administrators are not able to see individual responses. If there is a greater concern for privacy, respondents can use an alias; they do not have to use their real name.

Q: How many people can take the Readiness 360?

A: An unlimited number of people in a church may take the Readiness 360. From a statistical standpoint, you need 25 people or 10% of the congregation (whichever is larger) to take the online survey. From a momentum-building perspective, you should have as many people take the survey as possible. If someone makes the time to take the survey, they will pay more attention to the results of the report. And while statisticians are happy with the 25 or 10% rule, people generally feel the results are more meaningful if a bigger pool of people have participated.

Q: We scored low in a particular dimension. Does that mean we should not consider a major ministry initiative?

A: NO! A low score simply indicates an area that may need to be strengthened. If you have discerned that God is calling you to plant a new congregation or to start a significant new ministry, use the feedback from the report to learn how to lean into your strengths in order to more fully develop multiplication DNA. The more significant an initiative, the more ready you need to be.

Q: How is this tool different than Natural Church Development (NCD)?

A: NCD is a paper-based assessment and facilitated discussion that helps congregations assess and strengthen their weakest areas so they might grow in their overall ministry effectiveness. The Readiness 360 is the first online tool of its kind designed to help a congregation specifically assess its current multiplication energy, that directly translates into its readiness to plant new ministry and multiply kingdom impact.