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R360 Launch Timeline for Churches

Launching the Readiness 360 Process is Simple.

4 Weeks from R360 Launch: Plan

  • Choose a partner to help manage the process. Pastors, you don’t have to do it alone! You can add them to users in your Readiness 360 Administrative Dashboard.
  • Identify who you most want to take the survey and plan for best ways to get them engaged. In most circumstances, it is wise to get the bulk of your active participants–newcomers, old timers and everyone inbetween–to take the survey.
  • Review each milestone, identify what is needed to make it happen and who is in charge of making it happen.

2 Weeks from R360 Launch: Customize

1 Week from R360 Launch: Prepare for Worship

  • Place announcement in bulletin and/or
  • Set up website (link to survey and announcement)

Launch Survey

DAY 1 (Friday): Send email with survey passcode and link you customized and created (click here for sample). DAY 3 (Sunday): Make a verbal announcement (with or without PowerPoint slides). Most congregations set up a computer lab with helpers to allow support for folks who aren’t comfortable with doing things online and/or those who don’t have access to a computer at home.

DAY 7 (Friday): Check completion rate in your R360 Admin account and send email reminder you created before launch along with a thank you to those who already completed the survey.

DAY 9 (Sunday): Make a second verbal announcement with or without PowerPoint slides.

DAY 11 (Tuesday): Generate the report to close the survey. The survey will not be closed until the reports are  generated. Once reports are generated, the survey may not be reopened.

1 Week after Launch: Share & Review

  • Share the R360 1-page News Release in an email, the bulletin and on the web (and any other weekly communication’s vehicles you use).
  • Process the R360 Executive Report with your church’s Lead Team.
  • Process Leader Tips in Staff Meeting.

2-6 Weeks after Launch: Organize Your Response

  • Pastor convenes a 7 person Multiplication Task Group made up of people who have a passion for multiplying kingdom impact, who are committed to the Lead/Senior Pastor’s vision and who have excellent strategic implementation skills. This Task Group digests the R360 Comprehensive Report and drafts a 90-day plan.
  • Lead Team reviews, modifies and votes on 90-day plan.
  • Task Group is charged with monitoring implementation of plan.

3 Months after 90-Day Plan: Celebrate & Continue

  • Review 90-day plan accomplishments
  • Create a second 90-day plan