The Process


Getting Ready

  1. Help your church leaders get onboard with the benefits of using Readiness 360 at your church.
  2. Check to see if your denomination or network leader has a license to use Readiness 360. If not, purchase yours now. 
  3. Upon payment (or assignment of survey from a network leader), you will receive login information to customize your congregation’s survey.
  4. Login to the R360 User Account and complete all customization fields–including why you are asking your congregation to participate in this survey. In this area, you will also craft the email that includes the congregation’s unique survey code. Click here to download a guide to the customization process.
  5. Send the login link, survey code and introductory email to your congregation. Statistically, you will need at least 25 people or 10% of your congregation (whichever is larger). Practically, the more people who take the survey the better. Not only does it improve the perception about how valid the results are (most people aren’t statisticians) but it means that more people are interested in seeing and understanding the results.
  6. We recommend that surveys remain open for no more than 2 weeks to enable you to keep communication urgent and primary.  Click here to view our recommended launch timeline.
  7. In your administrative dashboard, you can monitor who has completed the survey and see what people and groups are represented. Once you are satisfied that a critical mass and wide variety of stakeholders have taken the survey, generate your reports at the click of a button. While statistically you only need 25 people or 10% of your average worshiping community, the more people who take the survey the more people will be interested and invested in doing something with the information from the report.
  8. Distribute and celebrate the News Release (N) at your major weekly gathering (this would be worship for most faith communities).
  9. Share the Executive Report (E) with your leadership team and plan on unpacking it at the next meeting.
  10. Enter into a season of discernment using the Complete Report (C) with your coach and trusted advisors for growing in readiness and/or for planning to multiply. Engage the congregation in a 50 day process of prayer and reflection.
  11. Develop an action plan with the multiplication team and bring it to leadership team for conversation and approval. We have found that congregations who have a recent history of struggle do best with 90 day plans.
  12. Work the plan: strengthen and improve your congregation’s ability to be fruitful and multiply.

In lieu of steps 9-11, many congregations choose to engage with a Readiness 360 facilitator, either individually or with a group of churches. For more information, or to connect with a facilitator, email Dr. Phil Maynard, Readiness 360 Director here.