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Readiness 360 Survey & Reports

Purchase an online assessment to test and improve the soil condition of your congregation so that it can get ready to multiply its impact. The package includes a web-based survey for an unlimited number of people, 3 reports for a variety of audiences, Do-It-Yourself instructions and templates.


Buy Now: $199.99

Clicking a buy now button will take you to a form that includes credit card information. Our credit card processing meets PCI-DSS requirements. No sensitive data is recorded on our servers so neither of us has to worry about security. Once you have paid, your account is immediately set up and you can begin setting up your survey.


Catch Fire in 50 Days (Readiness 360 Version)

Enter into a season of discernment using the Complete Report (C) with your coach and trusted advisors for growing in readiness and/or for planning to multiply. Engage the congregation in a 50 day process of: studying, reflecting, praying and responding to the Book of Acts and see what Pentecost looks like in your context.

You may purchase your copy here.

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