The Readiness 360  is a tool for mobilizing your congregation to do a bigger thing for God. Various levels of reporting allow you to choose what is useful to talk about in public and what is critical to reckon with in a variety of teams. After a critical mass* of your congregation has taken the online survey, your Readiness 360 Administrator generates reports with a click of a button.

The reports are designed for three different audiences within your congregation:

  1. The News Release is a one-page summary designed for the masses.
  2. The Executive Report is a five-page summary (the news release plus a page of explanation for each of the four critical areas for multiplying your impact) designed for your leadership team.
  3. The Complete Report contains the Executive Report plus additional details that may be useful to review with the task force responsible for developing and implementing strategies to improve your congregation’s kingdom impact.

Reports at a Glance

* Critical mass is at least 10% of your average worshiping congregation or 25 people, whichever is larger. The more people participating in the survey stage, the greater ownership created in the report. There is no limit on the number of people who can take the survey.

If you would like to receive a copy of a sample report, provide your name and email address below and we will send it to you.